A complete Canggu food guide [Updated for 2020!]

A complete Canggu food guide [Updated for 2020!]

Looking for the best food guide to Canggu, look no further! Sitting on the southern coast of the tropical vacation island of Bali, Canggu is a small town just north-east of Kuta with a hip vibe and tons of delicious eats. Gaining in popularity in recent years due to its awesome surf breaks and prime location, Canggu has seen an abundance of restaurants, cafés and stylish shops pop up. Back in 2017, we kicked off our first 8 weeks in Indonesia in Canggu. Now it’s our permanent home base in Asia!

This means we’ve had quite a bit of time to explore this foodie’s paradise for you. We’ve been to dozens of the cafés and restaurants in the area but still have so much to discover. Trying out every single one of them would take months and months as well as quite a budget! However based on our experience, we have compiled this awesome foodie’s guide to Canggu!

Brunch at Crate cafe in canggu

Please accept our apologies for some low res photos in this article. We had a hard drive corrupt thousands of photos right before writing this article. We preferred posting some iPhone photos than none at all to give you an idea of what the food looks like! Instagram or Google Maps are great tools to go through more photos of all these spots.

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Crate Cafe

Crate is probably our favorite breakfast place in the whole world. We had breakfast at Crate’s too many times to count. The delicious food, great coffee, HUGE portions, fun laid-back atmosphere, kind staff and perfect location make Crate Cafe Canggu the perfect breakfast spot in our book. Our fave menu items are the Veto, Chia Boi, Hippie Hippie Shake and the Chicken Salad with Haloumi Cheese. The pitcher of dragonfruit water is also a revelation and so refreshing (be sure to eat the fruit afterwards, it’s delicious!)

2019 Update & Crate Cafe Menu: All food items are 55K including tax & service (cash only) which makes Crate incredibly affordable compared to similar cafés in Canggu. Coffee goes for 30K, juices and smoothes are 40-50K. The location is huge, but still expect to wait for a table and for your food if you come in the late morning. Crate is definitely one of the busiest cafes on this Canggu food guide (and that’s a good thing!).

Best for : Brunch with friends

Breakfast at Crate Cafe
Breakfast at Crate Cafe Canggu
Chia pudding from Crate Cafe
Avocado toast from Crate Cafe
chicken salad from crate cafe in canggu
crate cafe barista canggu

Copenhagen Canggu

2019 Update: Copenhagen is our favorite city in Europe, so you can imagine how excited we were to find this cafe! With its Scandinavian influence, innovative breakfast board concept, kind and attentive staff and delicious food and coffee, we have nothing bad to say about this place. Prices start at 65K for 3 items and 95K for 5 items (+15% tax and service) and portions are a bit smaller than an average bali cafe. This makes Copenhagen cafe a bit more expensive than some other breakfast spots in Canggu BUT the quality and taste of the food makes it totally worth it in our opinion! You can choose any items from the menu and create your own board for the prices stated above. Opened in February 2018, it’s already becoming a Canggu staple!

Copenhagen Canggu Menu here!

Best for : Tasty breakfast boards, cinnamon rolls (need we say more!?)

copenhagen canggu breakfast spread
Coffee at Copenhagen Canggu

BGS (Bali General Store)

BGS is a surf shop and cafe located two minutes away from the beach and boasts some of the best coffee in Canggu. It’s the perfect spot to come get your post surf caffeine fix. The decor is super minimal which we love, with just a few bar stools and a small seating area outside. The baristas really know their coffee here and they also do smoothie bowls which we’ll be back to try! While you wait for your coffee make sure to browse through their beautiful apparel. Coffee is 25K-40K with your choice of almond or normal milk.

Best for: Coffee and a smile 🙂

bali general store canggu
Barista making a latte at BGS canggu

Bali Bowls & Smoothies

Bali Bowls and Smoothies makes delicious, fresh and healthy smoothie bowls in a beautiful setting. They have different specials everyday which are worth checking out (see their Instagram page for details). Prices start at 75K for a smoothie bowl. You can see the Bali Bowls & Smoothie menu here. Bonus points for accepting credit card payments!

Best for : Healthy breakfast

Xich Lo Canggu

2019 addition! Craving some tasty Vietnamese food around Canggu? Look no further than Xich Lo! Located on the quiet part of Jalan Padang Linjong, this spot is a hidden gem with beautiful rice field views. They carry all the classic Vietnamese dishes you crave and they do them really well. Our favorite is the Bun Thit Nuong and they might just have the coldest coconuts in Canggu. Prices are very reasonable with mains starting at just 40K! Credit cards are accepted with a small surcharge.

You fan find the full Xich Lo Canggu menu here!

Xich lo canggu vietnamese warung

Best for: Tasty, fresh Vietnamese food

Kynd Community (Seminyak)

Made famous by their beautiful smoothie bowls and pink wall that are now all over Instagram, Kynd Community is a vegan cafe located in Seminyak. Serving up amazing smoothie bowls, decadent waffles and many other tasty bites, we were impressed with the food and service here. Smoothie bowls set you back 69K + 15% tax & service, but we think the food here is worth the price!

You can find the full Kynd Community menu here.

Best for : Vegan breakfast, extra basic Instagram photos

Kynd Community
Kynd Community
Kynd Community
Breakfast at Kynd


Just off the infamous Canggu Shortcut, Sprout is a beautiful spot to grab a bite to eat and one of the best coffees we’ve had in Bali! We loved the breakfast baguette, which was the perfect balance of fresh and hearty. The blueberry pancakes, although delicious, left us wishing the portion was a bit bigger. Prices from 65K + 15% tax & service. Find the Sprout Cafe menu here (prices not listed).

Best for : Solid morning latte, quiet atmosphere to get some work done (no power outlets though!)

Sprout Cafe


2019 Addition! This beautiful cafe recently opened near Pererenan beach and is the perfect spot for an Australian inspired breakfast. The decor is minimal and bright, the staff are super attentive and the food is awesome! The avocado toast and dragonfruit smoothie bowl are definitely are go to choices here. They also have a dinner menu and we’ll definitely be going back to try it out! Prices from 65K + 15 % tax & service.

Best for : Avo toast! & Beautiful Decor

Honey kitchen bali exterior in canggu
honey cafe pererenan canggu interior

Coffee Cartel (Seminyak)

Ok so technically this isn’t in Canggu, but it’s worth the 10 minute ride into Seminyak for sure! If you’re looking to get some work done in a gorgeous cafe, this is a great choice. The coffee is delicious (they use milk cubes in their iced lattes instead of ice cubes.. win!), they have A/C, their wifi is super fast and the staff is really attentive! On top of that, the decor makes for a stimulating work environment. They also have lots of food options to suit everyone. Expect to pay around 35 to 40K for tasty coffee!

Check out the Coffee Cartel menu here!

Best for : Productive work session, delicious coffee and food

Coffee at Coffee Cartel canggu
beautiful coffee at coffee cartel bali
coffee at coffee cartel canggu bali
Lunch at Coffee Cartel canggu

Monsieur Spoon

We’re pretty big pastry snobs and so we had to include a bakery in this Canggu food guide. We rarely find croissants or chocolatines that meet our standards. When a friend told us the croissants at Monsieur Spoon were some of the best he’d ever had, we knew we had to try them and see for ourselves. We certainly weren’t disappointed! We only tried the pastries (butter, almond and chocolate croissants, fresh bread) but they also have a french menu starting at 55K. Find the full Monsieur Spoor menu here!

Best for : Delicious french pastries and freshly baked breads

Old Man’s

THE spot to be after a day of surfing Batu Balong is Old Man’s. With this prime location and ample seating, it’s the perfect spot to hang out with friends pretty much anytime, however we highly suggest to catch your last wave right before 5 p.m so you can drop off your board and walk in for the start of the two for one happy hour (on all alcoholic beverages). Their food is somewhat pricey so we typically preferred to stick to the booze before grabbing a cheap meal elsewhere. That being said we’ve heard only good things from those that have chosen to get their post-surfing meal here.

Best for: Happy hour (5-6 p.m.) and hanging out with a bunch of good looking surfers

Old Man's

Echo Beach BBQ

Although this place isn’t actually called Echo Beach BBQ, we don’t know the name of it so that’s how we decided to call it. We got recommended this joint on our second day in Bali and it took us forever to try it out, but oh boy was the wait worth it! Perfectly located right at the end of Jalan Balu Mejan, this is the first restaurant on your left when arriving at Echo Beach. It’s a perfect place to grab beers and tasty food while watching the sunset. They have many different options of BBQ (including some veggie skewers) and they’re all served with salad, rice and corn. Prices start at around 60K. They also have happy hour everyday where beers are 3 for 2! This is one of our favorite sunset spots in Canggu.

Best for : Happy hour and sunset bite!

echo beach bali seafood lunch
echo beach bbq canggu
Sunset view from Echo Beach BBQ

Cafe Organic

You’ve surely seen photos of this beautiful organic cafe while scrolling your Instagram feed. If you’re looking for delicious, healthy, vegetarian food, this is the place to be! Breakfast prices start around 60K + 15% tax & service. The full Cafe Organic canggu menu is available on their website.

Best for : Healthy breakfast

Breakfast at Cafe Organic
Cafe organic breakfast spread canggu food guide

Machinery Cafe

Located right on Pantai Batu Bolong, Machinery was our go to spot when we needed quick wifi and some A/C. Get productive with some digital nomads who regularly flock here in the afternoons. It’s open until 5pm so it’s a good spot before heading down to a beach sunset. We haven’t had much off the menu but the breakfast we did have was good, although we feel that as far as food is concerned, there are better options on this list.

Best for : Well caffeinated work sessions

Iced coffee at Machinery Cafe

The Shady Shack

This vegetarian spot got recommended to us by so many people that we couldn’t not stop by, and we’re so glad we did! For breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. Their extensive menu of vegetarian and vegan foods has options to please even the most carnivorous eaters.

2019 Update: Now that we’re pretty much full on vegetarians, this is one our favorite spots in Canggu. Don’t sleep on the Boss Burrito and the Cheeseburger (make sure to get the SPUDS!) You can find more photos on their Facebook page and Happy Cow!

Best for: Delicious veggie & vegan options for everyone

vegan burger and burrito from shady shack canggu
shady shack canggu food guide

Eden Cafe

2019 Update: Eden cafe’s food isn’t our favorite on the list, but there are definitely some good options on their menu and it’s a great work spot! We recommend the classic eden sandwich, their pancakes which are nice and fluffy and the Creamy Cocoa and Spiced Coffee smoothies! Prices are very affordable for the area, with breakfasts starting at around 50K. See the menu here.

Eden has a nice, comfortable and quiet air conditioned room which is perfect for the digital nomad! There are plenty of power outlets as well as pretty good wifi. This is definitely one of our favorite spots to work in Canggu. Be warned it does get chilly, they really blast that AC!

Best for: Air-conditioned work session

breakfast at eden cafe cangge

Motion Cafe

If you’re looking for a high quality, reasonably priced nutritious meal, there’s few places in Canggu that come close to what Motion Cafe serves up. Run by a health and fitness conscious couple, you’ll immediately see this reflected in their menu which has an extensive amount of great vegan, gluten free and vegetarian options available. Portions are generous and everything we tried tasted amazing. We highly recommended their Chicken salad, which comes stocked with egg, cashews, avocados, pineapple and other delicious healthy goodies.

Best for: Healthy options / your post-workout meal

breakfast from motion cafe in canggu

Nalu Bowls

Nalu Bowls was at the top of our list of places to visit in Canggu, having seen so many pictures of it on Instagram. Quite honestly, we didn’t feel as though it lives up to the hype. We think there are better smoothie bowls out there, but we’ll definitely give them another go sometimes. Prices range from 60K to 80K + 15% tax for a bowl. You can also add on tons of extras such as nuts, chia seeds, fresh berries and honey. Check out the Nalu Bowls menu (without prices) here.

Best for: Smoothie bowls!

Nalu Bowls food guide to canggu
Nalu Bowls canggu food guide

Banh Mi & Beans

2019 Favorite! After spending a month in Vietnam earlier this year, we developed a pretty serious obsession with Banh Mi. Its safe to say we were heartbroken that it wasn’t until our last few days in Bali before we finally walked into this hidden gem, located a few steps away from the infamous ”shortcut”. Their version of the Vietnamese sandwich is as authentic as it gets and their BBQ pork and paté reminded us of our favorite version ever, which we had at Banh Mi Phuong in Hoi An. While you indulge in their amazing sandwiches, don’t forget to finish off your meal with a tasty Avocado shake!

Now that we’re cutting out meat from our diets, we’ve tried the tofu Banh mi here more than once and can say it’s just as delicious as all the rest of their sandwiches! It’s still our favorite lunch spot in 2019.

Best for: Banh Mi, need we say more?

Banh Mi & Beans
Lunch at Banh Mi & Beans
Vietnamese coffee from Banh Mi & Beans

Moana Fish Eatery

2019 Update: Moana quickly became one of our favorite, and most visited, restaurants in Bali. The Maui Poke Bowl is one of the best poke bowls we’ve ever had, anywhere (and it’s only 85K!!) If we could package up the black sauce and bring it with us in our backpacks, we would! We also really loved the Samoa Burger (served with AMAZING onion rings) and the BBQ Tengiri. Moana is usually packed in the evening so do book a table in advance. Prices start at around 60K for a main.

Poke bowl at Moana fish eatery in Canggu Bali
Samoa burger at moana fish eatery in canggu

Best for: Poke and fish lovers!

Warung Local

2019 Favorite! Traveling on a budget but still looking for tasty food? Look no further! Warung Local is a traditonal Nasi Campur which is a must-try when in Bali. Set up buffet-style where you pick what you want from the window display, they have so many amazing options. Our favorite are the vegetarian choices like tempe manis, edamame and yummy corn fritters. They of course also have the classics such as beef rendang and curry fish. We come to this spot a few times every week. For anywhere from 25K to 50K per person, our appetites are always satisfied.

Best for: Traditional Nasi Campur. Full meal for under 5$

warung local in canggu nasi campur
plate of nasi campur at a warung in canggu bali
nasi campur in canggu
warung local in canggu

Ithaka Warung

Ithaka is great when you’re looking for local Indonesian food with a twist, in more of a restaurant setting than the classic warungs. Their Bali Sunset (chicken in a creamy orange sauce served with rice and veggie fritters) is great value for money at 68K and oh-so-tasty! We also loved the quinoa salad. Portions here are huge and they have great vegetarian options.

2019 Update: Ithaka recently changed locations and is now closer to Batu Balong beach in a nice breezy second floor location. Complete menu is available on their website.

Best for: Post-sunset tasty meal

Roti Canai Street Kitchen

Street food in a cute cafe setting! While the roti may not be up to par with what we ate in Malaysia, in general the food here to be quite tasty and very affordable. Expect to pay between 40-70K for a main. We also loved that they have a small selection of books that you can exchange! Don’t expect great service though, unfortunately we found the staff here (especially during the daytime) to be very loud and unprofessional.

Best for: Cheap tasty eats!

Roti Canai

Give Cafe

From the same folks that opened Kynd in Seminyak, Give cafe is another awesome 100% plant based addition in Canggu! The most amazing part is that all profits from the cafe are given back to charity.

The moto at Give is something we think we should all embrace: when you have more than you need, you should build a longer table – not a higher fence.

The cafe has a full vegan breakfast menu along with a Nasi Campur warung style lunch buffet. With every purchase, you’ll be given a token which you put into one of three boxes, each representing a charity that you’d like to give back to! Oh, and did we mention the cafe is absolutely beautiful? Definitely check this one out.

give cafe canggu food guide
charity box at give cafe canggu
Give cafe Canggu Bali food guide

Best for: Instagramable Brekky for a good cause!

Peloton Supershop

This uber-hip, plant-based café is a great spot for healthy vegans and non-vegans alike. We don’t usually go to the Berawa side of Canggu too often but we’ll definitely have an excuse to make the trip now! They also have many gluten-free options. We loved the Miss Jackson Tacos and the sweet potato fries. The healthy juices are also a must try. Expect to pay around 70K for a main + tax & service. The full Peloton Supershop menu is available here.

Best for: Health nuts!

Motel Mexicola

Motel Mexicola is one of those places you’ve probably seen tons of photos of on the feeds of countless insta-babes. Quite honestly, for us, it didn’t live up to our expectations! Although the food was good, it was overpriced for Bali in our opinion. After spending time in Mexico we believe that good Mexican food should never be expensive! This is more of the kind of place you go for the atmosphere rather than the food. Tacos are 30K for one tiny taco + 17% tax & service. It ended up costing us 140K per person for tacos and water and we both left feeling hungry. You can find the complete menu here.

Best for: Getting those insta shots if you go during the day


Two of our friends took us to Luigi’s on one of our first nights in Bali and while we had no expectations, we absolutely loved it! The pizzas here are delicious thin-crust pies and the place makes for a fun night out with friends. It starts getting busy around 8-9pm and stays busy until late, with good music making people dance. They have a happy hour special daily from 5-7pm where you get a Margherita pizza and a selection of drinks all at only 50K. If you’re going as a group, they offer a pizza by the meter for 330K (up to 4 toppings), perfect for sharing! Check out the Luigi Canggu menu here.

Best for: No nonsense pizza, great cocktails & an amazing atmosphere!

The Loft

The Loft is one of those spaces where you step inside and instantly want to move in! The decor (and the food) is gorgeous! Although a bit pricier than some of our other favorite breakfast spots, we loved the food and would definitely go back and try their lunch and dinner options. Smoothie bowls are 68K + 15% tax & service. Their menu is available in their google reviews.

Best for: Healthy breakfast in a beautiful interior

Canggu food guide Loft Cafe
Canggu food guide smoothie bowls at loft cafe

Mad Pops

This Canggu food guide wouldn’t be complete without dessert! Mad Pops is what our ice cream dreams are made of. With their fun neon signs and delicious vegan ice cream, what is there not to love? Their flavours change regularly and their staff is really helpful in explaining and letting you taste the flavours. They even have vegan cones! For a good ice cream fix or a tasty popsicle on a hot day, this is definitely the place.

For a taste of the Mad Pops Canggu menu click here (no prices). You can also find their products at Shady Shack and Peloton Supershop which are also in this guide!

Best for : Refreshing treat on a scorching day

mad pops canggu bali ice cream
mad pops canggu food guide

We hope you enjoyed our Canggu food guide and you can now go discover some of Bali’s best eats. If this hasn’t make you hungry, we’re not sure what will! Let us know below if your favorite Canggu restaurant made the list, and don’t forget to share this Canggu food guide with your friends if you enjoyed it!

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